Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should be using Pro Matrix

Simply put: Anyone who wants to increase their daily protein intake.
👉Anyone desiring lean muscle mass
👉Anyone wanting to Increase muscle 
👉Anyone wanting to increase their metabolism & manage their weight
👉Anyone wishing to aid recovery post exercise
👉Anyone wanting optimum health benefits of anti ageing and weight loss and general well being

👉Anyone not getting enough protein in their current diet, and focused on maintaining adequate levels of skeletal muscle tissue.


What's the best time to take Pro Matrix


👉As a drink, we recommend taking it with water, milk or juice – either shake and drink or add to a smoothie.
👉Or you can sprinkle it on cereals, salads, make muffins, because it's natural its applications are varied.
👉For athletes- within half an hour before exercise and within half hour after a work out
👉For general health- we recommend taking it any time daily by replacing a less nutritional meal or snack to give you a high protein, low fat meal replacement.


Whats the difference between WPI & WPC


Pro-Matrix whey protein concentrate (WPC) simply put, is a less filtered version of Pro-Matrix whey protein isolate (WPI).
Both Pro-Matrix proteins are un-denatured (remaining in its natural / native state) and WPC exhibits the same benefits as WPI but to a slightly lower degree.

👉WPC has 5 grams of lactose per 100 grams
👉WPI has virtually 0 (0.2 grams per 100 grams).

Pro-Matrix whey goes through a cold extraction , non chemical process to derive its WPC.
From here WPI undergoes one more step of filtration (again using cold extraction and chemical free processing) to result in a higher protein content with less lactose.
The main reason some people prefer WPC is that it maintains an added feeling of fullness. The main reason some people prefer WPI is to achieve optimum results through an almost pure protein profile. For more information – check out our blog


Why should I choose Pro Matrix


Saving money is a massive temptation to buy cheaper proteins, and it makes sense to save where you can.
But saving on the quality of your whey protein powders can actively work against your goals.
If the cow was grain-fed on a feed lot where it could easily be treated with hormones and antibiotics, those factors will manifest themselves in the form of a weak amino acid profile, high levels of saturated fats, low levels of healthy fats and elevated levels of certain bovine hormones.
Whey that comes from grass-fed cows will look very will be rich in amino acids and healthy fats while remaining free of excess hormones.
The flavour and texture of the end-product will also be impacted with grain-fed whey being slightly bitter and thinner, while a grass fed whey powder has a creamier fuller flavour.
Pro Matrix Grass-fed whey protein powder contains unique nutrients. Grass-fed protein comes loaded with additional nutrients that just aren't present in conventional whey powders.
With grass fed, you will get;
👉More omega-3 fatty acids (great for improving heart health and reducing inflammation).
👉More vitamin D (great for boosting your mood).
👉Double the beta carotene (great for firming up your immune system). &
👉An extra dose of conjugated linoleic acid, or "CLA" (great for aiding in weight loss), according to research.


How is Pro Matrix different to regular protein powders







Pro-Matrix is a Grass Fed Whey Protein produced from the purest protein sources to ensure the end product to our customers are delivering the most superior quality nutritional profile & protein source.

👉Pro-Matrix whey isolate and concentrate protein powder is cold filtered ensuring the highest protein quality with maximum biological value, NOT compromised or damaged.
👉Free form processed sugars (*xylitol is a natural sugar alternative derived from fruit. & vegetables)
👉Gluten free 
👉Low GI
👉Pro Matrix can be used as a convenient meal replacement and in-between meal healthy alternative
👉Ingredients are derived from organic and natural ingredients
👉Free from artificial flavours & colours
👉Free of GMO
👉Free of any bulking agents & thickeners



What are the benefits of incorporating Pro Matrix in to my diet


So much information gets thrown around about the health benefits of consuming whey protein. So here are some pretty powerful evidence backed benefits check out our blog here


How much protein should I be having per day


👉The simple equation is; 2 grams protein / kg LBM *LBM (lean body mass) is your body weight without fat.

So if you’re 77KG with 10% body fat, your LBM is 70KG. Multiply 70KG by 2g (70 X 2) = 140g per day.

👉It is also recommended to consume protein in quantities no greater than 30-40g serves, which is how protein powder can add convenience to your day.


Can I use Pro Matrix when pregnant or breastfeeding


Pro Matrix is a natural product & many of our customers safely consume Pro Matrix during pregnancy & breastfeeding. However, every persons circumstances are different when breastfeeding & pregnant - so we must legally advise you to seek confirmation from your medical professional before commencing any supplementary product. 

👉Pro Matrix should always be consumed as part of a healthy diet & exercise program



If there is anything we haven't answered for you or you seek further information, reach out to our friendly team :

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