Why Grass Fed Whey Protein Powders should be your only choice

Why Grass Fed Whey Protein Powders should be your only choice

Saving money is a massive temptation to buy cheaper proteins, and it makes sense to save where you can. But saving on the quality of your whey protein powders can actively work against your goals.
For example, whey is the liquid portion of milk and is therefore directly influenced by the quality of the milk. If the cow was grain-fed on a feed lot where it could easily be treated with hormones and antibiotics, those factors will manifest themselves in the form of a weak amino acid profile, high levels of saturated fats, low levels of healthy fats and elevated levels of certain bovine hormones.
Whey that comes from grass-fed cows will look very will be rich in amino acids and healthy fats while remaining free of excess hormones. The flavour and texture of the end-product will also be impacted with grain-fed whey being slightly bitter and thinner, while a grass fed whey powder has a creamier fuller flavour.

Pro Matrix Grass-fed whey protein powder contains unique nutrients. 
Grass-fed protein comes loaded with additional nutrients that just aren't present in conventional whey powders. 
With grass fed, you will get;
More omega-3 fatty acids (great for improving heart health and reducing inflammation).
More vitamin D (great for boosting your mood).
Double the beta carotene (great for firming up your immune system). &
An extra dose of conjugated linoleic acid, or "CLA" (great for aiding in weight loss), according to research.
Ultimately, cheap protein supplements offer inferior nutrition and are loaded with additives that can actively work against your goals. So the choice is simple, Pro Matrix grass fed whey powders are the best companion for you and your goals.
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